Slutty Schoolgirl Fucked By Principal

Principal River Stark runs a tight ship at her school. When she receives a phone call that schoolgirl Jelena Vermilion has been sent to the office for being naughty, she decides it's best to handle the problem herself. Upon entering Principal River Stark's office, schoolgirl Jelena Vermilion has a seat and tries schmoozing Principal River Stark with some compliments. River Stark has seen this act before and is not impressed! Busted for wearing a skirt that's too short, and fishnets that are clearly too slutty, Jelena Vermilion must be disciplined for disobeying school rules. Principal River Stark knows just what to do, the only way to discipline a slutty schoolgirl is to give her a taste of her own medicine!

27:30      84 Photos
River Stark, Jelena Vermilion

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River Stark and Jelena Vermilion
TS Jelena Vermilion and River Stark video
Shemale River Stark and Jelena Vermilion
Jelena Vermilion and River Stark video


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